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Dust and Glory: The Movie

An explosive action adventure romance set against the most astonishing road race on the planet

Out of the past...

20 years before the Sydney Opera House was built ... ten years before four lane highways were built ... and a year before television arrived ... came a mechanised dust storm.

Out of this dust came the most astonishing road race on the planet:

The Legendary Redex Trials

THE INGREDIENTS: An insane mix of vehicles commandeered by a clinically insane bunch of drivers from around the globe.

THE RULES: What rules? Make them compete by driving around Australia in appalling conditions where only the toughest men and cars survive. Where often roads didn’t even exist and breakdowns were fixed with twine and bailing wire.

THE DRAMA: Add the tension of a romance between competitors and the dilemma of having to choose between winning the race or saving the life of the one you love.
Throw in copious quantities of cheating, skull-duggery, practical jokes and humour from that bygone era and you have ...

DUST AND GLORY. A comedy action adventure love story set against the most gruelling race on the planet.

“We’ve got to cover 10,000 miles, dodge 5,000 kangaroos, cross 1,000 creeks, beat all these other guys, stop this car falling apart, go faster than everyone else, and not make a single mistake in three weeks driving. Are you really willing to bet your life on winning?”



DUST AND GLORY is an epic action/adventure/romance inspired by the Redex Trials of the 1950's. At the time, it was the longest, most gruelling and most dangerous car race in the world.

Our story is set in Australia in 1956, the year of the Melbourne Olympics and 6 months before television arrived. Some 200 cars set out from Sydney to drive ten thousand miles around Australia in three weeks. Crowds came out in droves and lined the streets of the fortunate cities and towns along the route – the rest of the country was glued to the radio. The attrition rate was high, with blown engines and tyres, broken diffs, crashes and rolls, not to mention sabotage and skullduggery. By midway, only 110 cars were left was all part of this amazing race.

The Redex Trials gripped the imagination of the country, largely because of larger than life characters such as iconic folk hero and dynamite-hurling "Gelignite" Jack Murray (recorded on archival footage at, radio super star Jack Davey and racing heroes such as Jack Brabham and Lex Davison. Our story, inspired by the events and characters of these three historic races, is what might have happened had there been a fourth.

Against a crazy mix of professionals and amateurs, aristocracy and yobbos, a team from the Women's Weekly and a granny in her Rolls, an improbable love story is sparked and a father is reunited with his estranged daughter.

  • Gelignite Jack Murray. Wrong side of 40, a face that shows mileage. Outback tough, pisses petrol, a driver’s driver.
  • Kit Armstrong - excuse me, DR Kit Armstrong - Jack’s estranged daughter who’s out to prove she can compete in a man’s world and beat her old man at his own game.
  • Mike Casey from Dubuque Iowa, son of an American champ who has nothing to loose and everything to gain from winning this race.  

The prize money is sizeable, but for these three, it’s more than the money and the challenge. They each have something to prove, they’re determined to win and have the guts to do whatever it takes. The competition is tough, the conditions are tougher, but when the leaders start having “accidents,” it’s clear they’re up against more than other drivers and bad luck - foul play in the form of mob money is afoot. The action is jaw dropping as these gladiators in classic cars fight both the harsh conditions and their desperate competitors. The question becomes not who will win, but who will finish.  

When he comes up against his own daughter, Jack learns a life lesson that eluded him when he lived only for racing longer the little girl he once knew, but a feisty, competitive and professional woman, still angry at the father who left her mother when she was young. Faced with a choice – to win a fixed race or place Kit’s life in danger - Jack takes the mobsters on …his way, in a way those mobsters will not even live to regret.

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'Expendables 2' Director Simon West Boarding Racing Adventure 'Dust and Glory'


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