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'Expendables 2' Director Simon West Boarding Racing Adventure 'Dust and Glory'


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Director Simon West, currently shooting The Expendables 2, is in negotiations to board Dust and Glory, a car racing movie being independently produced by Top Cat Media and Blue Star Entertainment.

Based on a novel by Evan Green, the romance adventure project is set during the 1950s’ Redex trials, which covered more than 10,000 miles of some of the toughest racing terrain in Australia, if not the world. Described as being a cross between Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee, the script follows the rivalry between an American hotshot and an Australian legend. Blue Star Entertainment’s Jason Shuman and William Sherak are producing along with Top Cat Films.

Jib Polhemus of Simon West Productions is executive producer.

The producers are eyeing a summer start in Australia and hope to go out to cast before year’s end.

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Take gander at Ryan Gosling as he strolls around Melbourne

Herald Sun 2012-06-29
Herald Sun 2012-06-29 Click to read full article
Herald Sun June 29, 2012

Herald Sun 2012-06-29 Click to view full article

Film director Simon West wants Hollywood stars for his next film Dust and Glory set in Australian outback.

BIG budget local film Dust And Glory is on a mission to recruit some of Hollywood's best known stars.

Celebrated film director Simon West - best known for his big-budget smashes Con Air and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - is set to make approaches on a who's who including Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, Rachael Taylor, Isla Fisher and Ryan Gosling.

West said he was excited to be at the helm of the romantic action comedy to be shot in various locations around Australia later this year.

"I have a huge vision for this amazing 1950s character-driven Australian story," West told Confidential.

"It brings legendary figures of what was the toughest, roughest and most dangerous car racing in the world.

"Cars, the romance, the Australian Outback and legendary characters are sure to make this a great film.

"I'm excited to go out and get a high calibre cast for this movie."

Toronto 2011: Blue Star Entertainment Heads Down Under for 'Dust and Glory'

Romance adventure film is described as a cross between "Mad Max" and "Crocodile Dundee".

Blue Star Entertainment and partners William Sherak and Jason Shuman are partnering with a set of Australian producer to adapt Dust and Glory, a racing movie based on the Evan Green novel.

The romance adventure project is set during the 1950s’ Redex trials, which was covered over 10,000 miles of some of the toughest terrain in the world, let alone the world. To play-up the global bankability of the project, the story is focusing on a rivalry between an American hotshot and an Australian legend and is described in tone of being a cross between Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee.

It will be a return to Down Under for Blue Star, which made their 2003 horror movie Darkness Falls in Australia. The company’s credits also includes Middle Men, Role Models and Bangkok Dangerous.

Shuman and co-producer Zach Green are in Toronto to meet with potential cast and directors. The movie’s makers are eying a spring 2012 start.

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