Sponsors and product Placement in the Film

In the three actual Redex races and other rallies of the 1950s, every competitorís car carried branding from the companies that sponsored their cars to enter the race.


And as the cars raced through cities and towns around the continent, they drove past hundreds of petrol stations and billboards, advertising the products of companies at that time.

This presents a unique opportunity for product placement to be embedded in the film for long-standing companies that were in Australia in the 1950s and still going today. For a company that provides signage on one of the leading cars, the film would be similar to a two-hour commercial in cinemas, DVDs and television, viewed all around the world, for many years to come.



Peugeot Redex Tribute

Watch coverage of the Peugeot Redex Tribute by Seven Network's Sunrise program


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